Implementation and management of the farm is currently undertaken by Mr. Jacob Ainoo-Ansah (Manaing Director), a business development Consultant with international experience and also Chairman of Ghana Aquaculture Association and Mrs. Theresa Ainoo-Ansah (Director, Production), a Development Administrator with over twenty years experience in project implementation and rural development. The structure and management of the farm will change with expansion in operations and assets.

The farm is wholly Ghanaian owned and financed from equity which indicates our commitment and confidence in the project.

The proprietors of the farm have themselves been intensively trained at the Aquaculture Research and Development Centre (ARDEC) at Akosombo and certified as Fingerlings producers.


To become the preferred fish hatchery and fingerlings bank for fresh water fish in Ghana.

Mission Statement

We will produce the fastest growing and tastiest tilapia and cat fish from the best strain of broodstocks and feed, while supporting the business growth of our customers and sustaining the environment.

Our Values

Our farm is guided by the following values;

  • High productivity
  • Good hygienic practices
  • Concern for the environment
  • Concern for community and business development

We are happy to respond to the Government's call to increase and improve agricultural production. We wish to develop and model farming as a dignified, profitable and pleasurable undertaking for ourselves and for the nation. In these respects we will be interested in activities and collaborations that will provide extension services to farmers in fish farming, cropping and livestock production. We are open to collaborations for mutual benefits.

Contact Details

  • Jacob Ainoo-Ansah
    Telephone: +233 (0)20 555 0001
  • Theresa Ainoo-Ansah
    Telephone: +233 (0)24 329 2935

The proprietors with students of the fisheries department of the University of Cape Coast after giving a lecture.

The proprietors with officails visiting the farm.