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Activities and Achievements so far

  1. We have involved relevant Government experts and personnel from the following institutions who have provided training and direction from inception;
    • Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA)
    • Fisheries Commission personnel and consultants specifically from Cape Coast and Ashiama
    • Irrigation Development Authority
    • Aquaculture Research and Development Centre (ARDEC) and
    • District Agriculture Extension Officers
    • On February 15, 2010 we were visited by Hon. Amasa Namoale, Dep. Min. MOFA and his entourage.
  2. Collaboration:

    Ainoo Ansah Farms has a collaborative arrangement with the Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences of University of Cape Coast to support fish farming in Ghana. Among others, the collaboration seeks to;

    1. Promote the interest of students in the aquaculture industry in Ghana.
    2. Provide opportunity to students for study visits and internship etc. on the farm.
    3. Provide opportunity for research activities.
    4. Undertake joint research activities between the Farm and UCC.
    5. Provide the farm with technical expertise
    6. Jointly engage in short training courses for fish farmers
    7. Develop joint proposals for funding research and training

  3. The proprietors of the farm have themselves been intensively trained at ARDEC at Akosombo and certified as Fingerlings producers.
  4. We have designed and installed a high capacity incubator with a capacity of 30,000 to 50,000 per unit. We have four (4) such incubator units.
  5. We pay attention to water quality and hygiene. We have installed a biological filter at the hatchery. We use such equipment as Dissolved Oxygen (DO) meter to monitor water quality.
  6. Facilitated in a workshop organised by CEDECOM for over 120 fish farmers in the Central Region, in November, 2009.
  7. Made a presentation at a seminar organised by Fisheries students of UCC for fish farmers and other stakeholders in November, 2009. These services were our contribution towards national development and no fees were charged.
  8. In response to requests by fish farmers for alternative source of feed, we have commenced trial productions using fish feed and single cell plant protein also produced on the farm, as better and cheaper source of feed for farmers.
  9. The farm is wholly Ghanaian owned and financed from equity which indicates our commitment and confidence in the project.
  10. Since June, 2010 we have been supplying fingerlings to fish farmers.

Support Required

  1. Happily, we already have some pending orders from small scale farmers but we also wish to additionally, have big institutional orders from Private sector and Government.
  2. Technical and financial support towards production of fish feed. We need certification for our feed and the funds to undertake large scale production thereafter.
  3. We need the permission to float cages on the Okyereko and Baifikrom reservoirs. Successful trials will open the way for local communities to float cages for higher fish productivity and profitability.
  4. We will be happy to be connected to the national electricity grid.

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A secion of the hatchery setup.